Our engineering team at Asahi Tech was able to translate the client’s requirements into a blueprint for a scalable custom web portal with well indexed searchable databases and printer-friendly report layouts. We recognized that the technology solution had to have a strong foundation to meet all the initial client requirements and remain scalable as the business evolved. Using .Net 4.0 framework, our team built and deployed the client’s custom web application.

To meet the client’s needs, our team did the following:

  • Designed a Microsoft SQL Server database with optimal indexing so that the client could run advanced searches on their data and quickly get results
  • Mapped out 25 finely defined features/permission types and assigned password-protected accounts to employees. Super admin was the only one with ability to granularly define their access based on role and seniority.
  • Using a third party tool, we gave Covenant Review the capability to send e-mail newsletters from the app to different kinds of subscribers/clients when a new report is released.
  • Integrated the application with a sophisticated ‘XML to PDF’ tool that converts data points into high-end presentable PDF, saving the client’s employees hours of mundane, manual work generating well structured PDFs worthy of being read by wall street investors.
  • Implemented a framework for a complex database of numerical and textual elements for corporate bonds, so that app users could grasp bond information quickly and with ease.


  • The application provides a comprehensive workflow management system for the client’s in house financial analyst/legal team to input data on the various attributes of bonds.
  • Paralegals have permission to access research to update the bond pricing, maturity date, underwriter and other information
  • Investment analysts (qualified lawyers) have permission to access research to update bondholder rights and terms
  • Administrators have access to admin site functions (adding new users, setting up subscriptions, giving users access, etc.)
  • Professional looking research reports can be generated and e-mailed in seconds, and with minimal effort
  • The application enables the client to create Subscription types on the fly by using complex a combination of parameters such as Geography (for example, Latin America, North America and Europe), Bond Type (High Grade, High Yield) and Term (Temporary, Permanent).