The team used the following technology stack to develop the applications.

  • Front End- Vaadin, jQuery, JavaScript to design and develop the UI
  • Service Layer- Groovy/Java, Spring Boot, jOOQ to design and develop the business and service layers of the application.
  • Backend- MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL databases to store the app's data.
  • Business Analytics- Microsoft PowerBI, a business analytics service, to render interactive charts and data visualizations, which gave the client the ability to draw vital information to be used in future business decisions.

The engagement started with 3 developers initially and grew four fold over the years. To minimize delays in onboarding newly hired developers, our team created a user manual to address common issues and possible resolutions. The client's DevOps team verified the guide before it was uploaded to the company's knowledge library for everyone’s use.

After finishing set up of the developer environment, every team member was assigned tasks/work through the software development tool JIRA. With the client’s project manager as Scrum Master, we followed an agile development methodology with initial sprints running for three weeks. Once our team and the client established a smooth operational structure, the sprints were reduced to two weeks.


The new software allows veterinary practitioners, clinics, and hospitals to:

  • Remotely prescribe pet medication for their customers
  • Fulfill prescriptions using home delivery
  • Run different reports to help both the company and the clinics make informed financial, medicinal, and logistical decisions
  • Provide information to their clients with medicine and food recommendation items to various pets based on their previous consultations.