The client, EPSPros, headquartered in Washington DC is a certified woman owned law firm, that offers a range of legal services related to employment practices, including compliance, employee training, seminars, and employment law expert testimony. They collaborate with HR departments of various organizations across the United States to train them on employment best practices.

The client’s portal at the time was pretty outdated and wasn’t really serving any useful purpose. So, EPSPros was seeking to upgrade their existing portal in order to enhance its design and features, streamline business operations, improve engagement with clients, facilitate better web content management and improve overall site administration.


Web based training program

Employees of EPSPros’ client organizations undergo trainings on several topics such as sexual harassment, bystander skills, diversity and inclusion, communication skills and fundamentals of effective management. So, EPSPros needed a reliable technology solution with contemporary UI/UX design, and high-end database that will allow them to efficiently manage web-based training programs for employees of organizations they consult for.

Multi-level user access

ESP Pros wanted multiple access levels for their various types of users, namely client, staff and admin users, to seamlessly handle security divisions and also to increase portal usage, by providing the following features as value additions:

  • Forum and file management
  • Newsletter management
  • Photo Gallery
  • Chat functionality
  • News Section
  • Contacts Section
  • Calendars, Forums, and Events integration

Administrative approval for content changes

The client required a content approval process for the leadership team to have full control over the content that is added, modified or deleted, in order to avoid unauthorized and inadvertent content changes.

Data Migration

All the data in the client portal had to be migrated to the new portal the client was looking to build, and that includes employee information, client data, training course assignments and newsletters. The data migration process needed to be meticulously planned and seamlessly executed, with no margin for errors, to ensure uninterrupted business availability as the new portal went live.

The client, after considering a total of 3 vendors for this project, chose to partner with Asahi Tech to implement the solution, because of our team's enormous experience developing corporate web portals and managing them.


  • 1.
    Design- We started by putting together detailed requirements and wireframes, before developing high fidelity design mockups and functional prototypes for the various features the client wanted.
  • 2.
    CMS- We chose DotCMS as the Content Management System for this project because of its robust Java based architecture and enormous availability of plugins that could be used to provide all the features required by the client without having to reinvent the wheel. DotCMS is a highly secure, scalable, no-code CMS that has inbuilt permission, role and workflow management features.
  • 3.
    eLearning- We developed all the employment practices training in Open EDX.
  • 4.
    Data Migration- After a successful completion of development phase, our team thoroughly reviewed the intricate database structure of the client’s legacy portal to plan the data migration process. Our thorough groundwork and systematic testing ensured that data migration was executed impeccably, despite the magnitude and complexities of legacy data accumulated over many years.


The new architecture provides extensible features and functionalities on a unified platform that enables the client to better manage, streamline and improve business processes. This advanced system is a serious and meaningful upgrade from the legacy system at the time.


  • Training Solution- Through the Learning Management System (LMS), EPSPros consultants can publish courses, post discussion boards, manage organizations and course completion certificates for its employees. Organization employees can access their profile, browse courses assigned to them and take up those courses. Administrators can develop customizable courses to meet the individual needs of the employees.
  • Comprehensive Portal– This end-to-end portal provides easy web connectivity and accessibility to consultants located across the country. It allows EPSPros consultants and client organization employees to engage through a secure channel from remote locations.
  • Newsletter Management- By logging into this portal, consultants can setup and kick off newsletter e-mails with information on employment practices laws and their new learning and experiences, once a month to all recipients who have opted in to receive such information.
  • Calendar, Photos and Event Management– The portal also serves as a social network for the EPSPros consultant community to engage with each other. Consultants can login to learn of upcoming company events, and read about and see photos from seminars of events conducted by other consultants.
  • Content Management- The CMS allows administrators to add, modify and remove information from the public website as often as needed.
  • Reduction in hosting costs– By eliminating need for unnecessary servers, training courses, and other applications, which have all been consolidated into one in the solution provided by our team, we brought down the client’s recurring annual hosting fees.


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