Asahi Technologies is a web development company that specializes in modern web development strategies and the latest technological tools such as Angular JS, Java, MySQL and more. We help you realize your vision for your web portal, with an unrelenting focus on speed, performance, and scalability. Our scientific method for web development begins with assembling the right team for the job.

Choosing Asahi for Web Development

Asahi Technologies has worked with a diverse set of clients, each with their unique requirements. Here is why you should choose Asahi Technologies as your partner for web development:

  • Experience: Asahi’s web development team has more than 10 years of experience, making it one of the best web development companies in the United States. Having solved problems relating to a wide variety of scenarios, building over 50 web portals for our different clients, our team has every advantage of the steep learning curve it has gone through.
  • We listen first: Before we build software for our clients, we listen to the business needs. We understand your software requirements as well as your business requirements and deliver a product that works seamlessly. Our services are tailor-made to your requirements.
  • Communication: We pride ourselves in our team’s ability to communicate effectively. Our web development services are based on communication and feedback loops. They are an integral part of our development lifecycle. Our development process inherently has a feedback loop to ensure that the product is exactly to client specifications.
  • Quality assurance: Our QA testing teams are adept at finding bugs and rolling out fixes. Our products and services have stood the test of time. And since we build the application from scratch, we know and understand every nook and cranny of it; thus maintaining it is effortless.
  • Seamless deployment: Be it a website, a web portal, or an application, we deploy our products with surgical precision. Our objective has always been to deliver the product ready to use, so that the client can hit the ground running without losing time.
Agile all the way

Asahi’s development team has mastered the agile methodology and that’s what we adopt for all our client projects. Our tight development sprints ensure the final product is multi-featured and stable. Our development team focuses on functionality, performance, reliability, and security. Our QA team is an integral part of our web development services. They run hundreds of diagnostics on the web application to keep it bug-free and smooth.

We know how important it is for businesses to stay connected to the people and teams they interact with on a daily basis - and communication can become quickly overwhelming when there isn't a platform to effectively exchange information.

If you are looking for a better way for your business to connect to the people who matter, a custom web portal solution can provide you with a secure, user-friendly platform to manage all of your dynamic communication needs.

Think of a web portal as a one-stop solution.

A web portal can manage multiple levels of users, provide several levels of access and integrates an unlimited number of helpful features and functionalities to promote enhanced communication (like forum and file management, news sharing and chat functionality!)

We have designed and developed over 50 web portals for clients across a number of businesses and industries catering to the diverse needs of our customers. If you’re ready to streamline your business communications, improve collaboration and manage all aspects of your business in one place, we're ready to help.

Benefits of web portal developemnt - One shop stop

Web portal development

As your technology partner, we can help you realize your business objectives and provide web portal development solutions for improved customer engagement. We understand how critical a web portal is to your business success. We offer the following benefits for web portal development services:

  • Scalable and flexible: We believe in building products that have a wide array of features—products that are designed to scale along with the business.
  • 100% secure: Security in an information technology age is important to protect your company secrets and also the privacy of your clients. We provide some of the best web development security solutions in accordance with W3C standards.
  • Streamlined operations: Our web development services will streamline your business operations and save you both time and money in the long run.
  • Integration of third-party tools: Every business uses some off-the-shelf solutions. Instead of building all required tools from scratch, sometimes it’s better to integrate an existing popular tool into the workflow.
  • Multiuser access: Your web portal will be accessed by multiple users, all at the same time. We provide login credentials with a strict permission hierarchy to ensure multiple levels of engagement and authority on the platform.

Custom web development

Our tailor-made web applications are developed for various industries from banking to computing. We are a technology agnostic company, and developing custom web solutions is our forte.

Support and maintenance

With the Asahi team on your side, you will never have to worry about support or maintenance. The team will work round the clock to address all your product development needs. We also offer annual maintenance support along with our web development services.

Benefits of web portal developemnt
Benefits of web portal developemnt - scalable and flexible


Benefits of web portal developemnt - Multiple user access


Benefits of web portal developemnt - secure


Benefits of web portal developemnt - Seamless third party integration


Benefits of web portal developemnt - Streamline business operation


Benefits of web portal developemnt - Improved customer engagement


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