VetSource is a rapidly growing company, recently taking a market leading position in providing software and services to veterinary practices. They work with hospitals, veterinary practices and clients and provide all the convenience including home delivery of pet products, auto shipment of products on a regular schedule, periodic reminders, monthly education and information about their pets.


With Vetsource's rapid growth came the need to modernize and re-write many of their software offerings, to present their applications in a unified portal with a consistent UI and built on modern frameworks. While VetSource has a team of in-house software engineers, the scope of work and an aggressive timeline led the company to seek outside help through staff augmentation.


In seeking resources outside of the company, it was imperative that VetSource identify a team that was not only well versed with the technologies used, but also adaptable enough to be integrated into VetSource's development environment and processes. Any outsourced team should act as an extension of the company’s own staff, seamlessly fitting into sprint cycles, release schedules, and standup meetings.

We initially provided Vetsource a two-person team, soon expanded to four, who were well versed in Java development. VetSource provided the team with imaged workstations, with exactly the same configuration as their own in-house engineers. Before beginning application development, it was important for the team to become well versed in the company’s industry, as well as their wide breadth of product offerings. The team began by addressing older bugs and defects across their product lines, which proved to be a good learning opportunity. Once a comfort level was reached, the team began working on application development, which required:

Asahi technologies solutions for challenges faced

Asahi Technologies assisted in the development products for VetSource for:

  • Writing prescriptions for medication
  • Processing and fulfilling prescriptions
  • Autoship prescriptions assignment based on order
  • Fulfilling special compounding orders, or custom prescription formulations
  • Client Banner Ad management
  • Loyalty programs with pet nutrition and medicine vendors
  • Migrated features from their old application to the new one
Vetsource places assisted by Asahi technologies


By setting up a Staff Augmentation arrangement with Asahi Technologies, VetSource was able to quickly increase their staff size in a cost effective manner. While their new team is located offshore, they still work full time for VetSource, and participate in daily standup meetings and code reviews with all VetSource engineers. This allows VetSource to retain full control over the team and the work produced, and treat them as they would their own employees.


Here are some of the key benefits Vetsource received from engaging the Java team at Asahi Technologies as the extension of their own in-house team:

Vetsource benefits working with Asahi technologies - Cost effective

Cost Effective

Vetsource benefits working with Asahi technologies - Reduced technical load on developers

Reduced the technical load on their developers

Vetsource - Aggressive timelines achieved

More aggressive timelines achieved

VetSource has plans to continue growing this team with Asahi Technologies, increasing the critical role they play in the company’s roadmap for future development.

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