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Your team was prompt, responsive, professional, and gave us exactly what we were looking for. The portal you delivered streamlined our entire negotiation and market discovery by saving us a considerable number of man-hours through automation. It also helped us improve our turnaround time to market events and deliver on both resilience and savings.

Varun Mehta, Singapore

Global Procurement Manager, Unilever

In the past 6 years that I’ve worked with your team, I’ve found the service to be prompt, and of high quality. Trustworthiness, Diligence and Technical Proficiency have been the hallmark attributes of the team that worked on this project. I would like to convey my appreciation to the great work your team has been doing in automating and digitizing our business workflow processes. We look forward to continue working with you.

Ashok Patel, New York

President, OHL North America

The work product from your team was - and has continued to be - outstanding. I am impressed with the research report, which looks professionally laid out. I am also amazed at how your team is able to add complex features in a relatively short duration. I have a very demanding client base and they are very pleased with how the site works for them. I truly appreciate the excellent partnership we have.

Adam Cohen, New York

Founder, Covenant Review

Asahi Tech has been an excellent technology partner for us from the beginning. The performance and quality of work from the team that worked on this project has been stellar.

Alex Norman

CEO and Founder, MyCoop

As the owner of a tech startup, I must say that your team is one of the best that I’ve worked with in my corporate career. I appreciate the responsiveness, timeliness and efficiency that each of your team members brings to the table. I am pleased with the best practices you follow for software development. I intend to continue using your team for all my projects.

Urs Hegi, Zurich, Switzerland

Founder, Talegri

Despite the tight timing, your team managed to deliver on projects in a timely manner. Each developer in the 10-15-member team working on our project is easy to work with, adapts well to given project management styles and committed to meeting deadlines. We here at Vetsource are really appreciative of the work you do.

Erica Kirkendall, Tulsa, OK

Project Manager, Vetsource

Asahi Tech was fully vested in our project from the start and keen on delivering a high quality product that we would be proud of, and that is what ultimately made the difference for us. We are very happy with our decision to partner with them!

Blake Stewart, Texas

Founder, IBuyAbilene

Now that the pilot project is successfully completed, I am glad to say that there’s more coming. I am glad we found the right partner in Asahi Technologies. Your team’s commitment to quality is truly amazing.

Arun Manansingh, New York

Executive Director, Corporate Services, World Trade Centers Association

I really like the way your teams work. The solutions you provided enabled us to complete this project on time, even with the client throwing a few monkey wrenches into the mix every week or two. Considering the timezone difference and challenges we had to overcome, we worked out a good process for future collaboration.

Look forward to working together again.

Senior Operations Director

Marketing Research & Analytics Firm

Your team is very impressive at managing communication to ensure a smooth workflow and successful collaboration. The product you built for our client met all the expectations of the stakeholder team.

Hamed Fahimi, Amsterdam

Founder, Home of the Brave

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