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Looking for Custom Software Development in New York City?

If your New York business is looking to get an app developed, Asahi Technologies can help. We understand the importance of user experience and make it our mission to create better navigation, faster page speeds, and improve overall site performance. We aim to design custom applications to exceed the expectations of your company and your customers. Websites are constantly progressing, which is why our team will continue to monitor your visions and expectations. If you would like to read some of the questions asked to us by our Healthcare Industry Non-Profit Business Software Clients are these items below:

What kind of web application & software development services do you offer?

Though we are primarily a custom software development firm, under the hood, we are a team of software programmers, mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, software testers, business analysts and project managers. This means that we have a competent and proven team that can build solutions such as e-commerce portals, web applications, mobile applications, software products, social networks, enterprise portals, content management systems and more. To see some of our custom web applications we have developed, check out our past work.

How much does it cost to have a custom software developed?

The time and cost it takes to complete a project varies from one project to another, as each client’s requirements are unique. In some cases, depending on the nature and complexity of the project, a detailed discovery phase i.e.; requirements gathering phase is required in order to assess the total effort (time, money and resources) for project completion. Our costs scale based on the size and the end goal of the project.

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