Since 1983, Judlau Contracting has been a leader in the heavy construction industry.

The organization specializes in large public work projects including tunnels, bridges, subways, highways, electrical and signal modernization.

The company is known for innovative leadership, project management and a commitment to safety and quality. OHL USA, a member of OHL Group, one of the world’s largest construction organizations, acquired Judlau in late 2015.


With too many redundant business systems in place, it was difficult for Judlau to manage critical business processes, user administration, system administration, end-user training and support. The company had to rely on third-party software solutions for all enterprise requirements, many of which just didn’t exist, didn't integrate with other systems, or failed to support the envisioned business processes. The software products available in the construction domain failed to match up to the needs of Judlau and due to this, workflows suffered and lacked cohesiveness.


The client wanted a comprehensive web solution that would help govern their business processes using dynamic and customizable workflows with the added ability to manage documents in a way that integrated with existing business processes. In addition, the solution had to be scalable in order to address business automation needs of the entire enterprise and also allow the IT team to manage the applications easily.

User Needs

Judlau User needs -navigate, simple, user friendly

Complex Needs

Judlau Solution - Complex needs

Migrating Judlau from paper to an entirely digitized process online was no easy task, particularly as many of the users had non-technical backgrounds. This meant that the online web application had to be easy, simple and user-friendly to navigate, while handling the complex needs of different departments, various levels of management and a range of business processes such as accounting, billing and paying and managing contractors etc. This web based-solution required the perfect blend of software - one Asahi Technologies provided with expert know-how.

Asahi Technologies created a seamless, comprehensive system that handled every aspect of the business workflow process. The solution was a web application that:
Judlau - It is role based

Is role-based

Judlau - Includes integrated account software

Integrates with the accounting software for master data

Judlau - Multilevel workflow

Includes customizable multi-level workflow

Judlau - Includes integrated document management

Includes integrated document management, with ability to export data in format suitable for integration into the accounting system.

Software development company Software development company Software development company



The application had the ability to mimic the business process flow envisioned by management. With no constraints around license cost, the client was able to provide system access to every user that had a need, in turn, streamlining the entire organizational process from start-to-finish.

Judlau - Results working with Asahi technologies

We were able to eliminate the client's dependency on disparate, expensive third- party systems and replaced a primitive business process that relied on paperwork and spreadsheets with a cutting-edge custom software solution.

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