The client is a pharmaceutical startup, founded by an entrepreneur with several decades of experience in the U.S healthcare industry.

The client saw a real opportunity to build an application to help patients better manage their interaction with the pharmacist, and simplify the prescription medication pickup process.


The client wanted to build an application to automate the slow and manual process between the patient and various participants in the healthcare matrix, namely doctor, pharmacist, insurance provider, etc. The traditional process requires patients to visit doctors for getting prescription for new medicines, and subsequently visit the pharmacy for filling or refilling the prescription.


Our team built a highly interactive application, wherein patients, doctors and pharmacists can register, post and address healthcare as well as related queries. The automated solution features "Iconsult" module that enables patients to login and create a detailed personal and family health profile. The application enables patients to get in touch with the pharmacist online, who based on their query, advises them on best practices to consume a prescription drug. A separate portal was created for pharmacists, where they can login and view queries from customers, related to medicines, insurance, and update prescription status so that customers can plan their medicine pick up.

Patients can drop off their prescription at the pharmacy, and instead of waiting in line, choose to get notified via SMS, when the prescription is ready. The application also allows for language conversion to French and Spanish.

Business Benefits

iPikup business benefits working with Asahi technoligies

Reduced patient waiting time at pharmacies

Simplified inventory management system for pharmacists

Access to pharmacists anytime, anywhere from a simple web portal

Ability for pharmaceutical customers to request services from any wi-fi enabled device such as smartphone, tablet, notebook, etc.


The software product had a disruptive effect in the highly paper driven pharmaceutical industry. Despite the initial inertia, the adoption rates were great mainly because of the inherent business problem the application could solve, and the effort it saves for the users signing up to use this e-prescription service in U.S and Canada.

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