Innovation Teaching is an educational software product development firm that builds products for schools.

The products enable schools to automate routine administrative work, so that they can focus on and prioritize teaching.

The company builds software that reduces the time spent on collecting, validating, and reporting student information. It also enables easy tracking of information such as attendance, student behavior, meals accounting, and grades, thereby allowing teachers to enhance student learning experience.


The client was in search of an independent software vendor (ISV) to supplement product development for its proprietary product, MyJeven. As the project was self-funded, the client was looking for an offshore team that could provide long-term development support and also engage in future release of different product versions. The client was looking at outsourcing the development work to expedite time to market for key features, and also enable the product launch before start of new school sessions.

The client being a technophile and a teacher himself preferred handling the overall project management. He also had specific guidelines for coding, reviewing, checking, code commenting and documentation.


We enabled the client to seamlessly manage the overall product development effort through a well defined staff augmentation process. We assigned a dedicated team to the project for handling task requests based on priorities set by the client.

Asahi Technologies provided a dedicated team of PhP developers hand picked to support and build on the strengths of the existing software development team. The development team comprised:

  • Innovation teaching - Engaging CakePHP developer


  • Innovation teaching - Engaging Birt developer

    Birt developers

  • Innovation teaching - Quality control engineers

    Quality Control

Business Benefits

Quick and complete access to well trained resources.

Flexibility to ramp up resources based on business requirement.

A Fully managed development team well trained in industry standard software development methodology, that can seamlessly integrate with client’s business process.

Reduced time-to-market through rapid delivery of key features an offshore team that integrates seamlessly with the clients application development process.

Business benefits for Innovation teaching working with Asahi technologies


Through staff augmentation services provided by Asahi Technologies, the client was able to enhance the existing product and provide critical features to his customer base in short duration of time. The engagement enabled Innovation Teaching to satisfy existing clients thereby improving ROI and product marketability.

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