Gigabyte is a global manufacturer and distributer of computer hardware. The company designs and manufactures motherboards and also produces a number of products including graphic cards, power supplies, server hardware and smartphones. With sales exceeding 20 million motherboards annually and having received over 12,000 awards since inception, Gigabyte is well-known as a worldwide leader in information and communication technologies (ICT).


The client approached us to develop a new corporate portal to provide exclusive content for their sales and distribution partners. Although they had other sites hosted at their headquarters in Taiwan, they required an online presence that they could access to distribute relevant and exclusive content to their North American audience.

This was a new initiative by Gigabyte to extend their outreach and foster a more direct relationship with their clients in the United States and Canada while establishing an easy-to-use portal for communication, engagement, product information and marketing material.


Recognizing that Gigabyte would need a scalable solution that could compensate for growth in the future, we suggested a content management system (CMS). Using an established CMS ensured that Gigabyte had a site that could be easily supported, with a developer community to extend functionality. Additionally, a CMS ensured a cost-effective solution that also delivered a high-quality and a secure product quicker than building an online solution from scratch.

The solution we built consists of a public site with a link from Gigabyte’s home page, and a portal that their North American partners can access after registration. This portal contains features that are available exclusively to Gigabyte partners, such as stock product photos and assets, project request forms, product change notices, insight into future product plans along with marketing material such as product manuals and catalogues — all in one location.

Gigabyte solutions

The portal also features a dedicated space for collaboration between Gigabyte and its partners, allowing them to develop special materials for promotional and marketing use. This asset submission option is one of the most important features for the Gigabyte team which essentially eliminates static one-way communication such as request forms, and allows instant partner feedback and engagement within the portal.

Technology Stack:

Our technology team recommended Drupal, which is the ideal CMS platform to develop Gigabyte’s business center and partner portal. Drupal is a PhP based enterprise-level content management system, and was selected for it's robust user-management, security and its many diverse and feature-rich add-ons. Drupal also provides a developer-friendly environment, giving our team the flexibility to create custom functionality as necessary.

The site also required custom PhP development, which allowed our team to contribute modules back to the Drupal community. We developed custom HTML and CSS site templates to ensure that a consistent design could be applied across the Gigabyte site.


Gigabyte now has direct control over the way they communicate and provide information to partners in North America. Through the CMS, they are able to easily manage and administer the site and quickly responding to partner needs. By using a widely supported solution like Drupal, Gigabyte is able to support and build upon the work that we have done now and into the future.

The client now has a platform to better engage their partners, and ensure they have up-to-date information about Gigabyte's initiatives and products. They can also collaborate with these partners directly in a digital space, which makes communication clearer and more effective.

Gigabyte outcome

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