The client, EPSPros, headquartered in Washington DC is an employment law firm, with licensed consultants spread across the United States. They offer a range of legal services related to employment practices, including compliance, employee training, seminars, and expert testimony. The client was seeking to upgrade their existing portal in order to enhance its functionalities, features and responsiveness.

Requirements and Challenges

Restrictions with the current corporate portal

EPS Consultant's existing portal offered limited features, functionalities and scalability that restricted their ability to streamline business operations, improve communication, and facilitate better online content management and portal administration.

Need for a web based training program

The client needed a reliable technology solution with contemporary UI/UX design, and high-end database that will allow them to efficiently manage their web-based training programs.

Multi-level user access

ESP Pros wanted multiple access levels for their various types of users, namely client, staff and admin users, to seamlessly handle security divisions and also to increase portal usage, by providing the following features as value additions:

  • EPSpros features - Forum and file management

    Forum and file management

  • EPSpros features - Photo gallery


  • EPSpros features - Chat functionality


  • EPSpros features - Forum and file management


  • EPSpros features - Contacts section


Calendars, Forums, Events and CMS integration

The client had a need for calendar, forum and events modules, and required corporate administrative approval for before data can be modified or deleted in order to avoid unauthorized or inadvertent data manipulation.


Robust digital portal with contemporary front end and robust backend

The client, after considering a total of 3 vendors for this project, chose to partner with Asahi Technologies to implement the solution, because of our team's enormous experience working with corporate web portals. We designed and built a secure, scalable and user-friendly portal using the open source framework 'Drupal'. We then migrated data seamlessly from the existing portal to the new one. The new architecture provides extensible features and functionalities on a unified platform that enables the client to better manage, streamline and improve business processes.

Our team, after a successful development phase, executed data migration from client's existing portal impeccably despite the magnitude and complexities of legacy data accumulated over many years. Since the team had to work on a live site, the data migration process was meticulously planned and seamlessly executed, to ensure uninterrupted business availability as the new portal went live.


EPSPros Corporate Portal

EPSpros - A simplified end 2 end portal

Comprehensive Solution:

A simplified end-to-end portal was created to provide easy web connectivity and accessibility to consultants located across the country. It fulfilled all client requirements by creating a unified portal besides enabling them from making necessary updates quickly and conveniently in a central hub.

EPSpros - Centralized and secure portal

Centralized and Secure Portal:

Collaboration process between clients, admin, staff and trainers at EPSPros was simplified. This enabled the client to manage all communications/interactions securely through their website.

EPSpros - Modifiable web pages

Modifiable web pages:

The CMS allowed the client to modify and update their portal as needed.

EPSpros - Scalable and functional upgrade from legacy site

Upgrade from legacy system:

An advanced and scalable solution that was a serious and meaningful upgrade from the current legacy system.

EPSpros - Reduction in hosting cost

Reduction in hosting costs:

This comprehensive portal helped the client reduce recurring hosting fees by eliminating need for unnecessary servers, training courses, and other applications, which have all been consolidated into one in the solution provided by our team.

EPSpros - A complete corporate portal

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