What Kind of Custom Software Does a Nonprofit Organization Need?

Published on: 22 Jul 2021

By Vinod Subbaiah

When thinking about the costs of running a nonprofit organization, few people consider the need for custom software. Sure, there are prebuilt applications that can handle a lot of the software-based workload, but nonprofits are more unique in their goals and composition than most standard companies. 

Because of this, they often need custom-developed software solutions for their particular challenges. 

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the kinds of custom applications that are frequently used by nonprofit organizations. 

Software Types for Nonprofits

Since nonprofit organizations are, well, nonprofit, they need to secure funding for their missions. The primary method for doing this is usually through donations. That means that a lot of custom software for nonprofits is going to be focused on outreach and spreading awareness about the organization’s mission. 

These can be extranet web portals, custom mobile apps, intranet applications for organizing marketing materials, etc. 

On top of outreach, nonprofit organizations actually share a lot of the needs of other companies. They have accounting that needs to be organized, asset management, HR needs, and more. 

Each of these needs is something that can be handled through the use of custom software. 

For instance, we worked with the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) to create a platform that would consolidate all of their existing applications and technologies into a unified intranet portal. 

This was a challenge specific to the WTCA, as their organization has hundreds of licensees spread across 92 different countries, and they were all using a variety of their own applications for various purposes. By unifying these applications, we helped the WTCA improve its workflow and optimize its processes. 

On top of that, we also built a comprehensive extranet web portal that served to increase public awareness of the WTCA’s global mission.

You can read the full case study here

What Nonprofits Look for In a Development Company

Custom software development isn’t cheap, and nonprofits, in particular, are often especially mindful of budget restrictions since they aren’t profit-oriented companies. 

This doesn’t mean that nonprofit organizations are, or should be, focused on hiring the cheapest developers they can find. Cheap development usually means a cheap product, and nobody wants a custom application that doesn’t function as well as it should. 

Every so often, a developer will offer a discounted rate for their services, but this isn’t something that nonprofits expect when hiring a team to build their software. 

The reality of a more limited budget means that nonprofit organizations are looking for the best fit to create their custom software. They’re looking for companies who they feel confident will deliver the best possible product. 

This means they’re looking at portfolios to find out if the developer has worked on something similar to what they’re looking for. They’re looking at testimonials to learn about the developer’s reliability. They’re speaking with representatives from potential development companies to find a good fit in terms of workflow and professionalism. 

Why Asahi is the Right Fit for Your Nonprofit Organization

At Asahi, we’ve built custom software solutions for companies, including nonprofit organizations, all around the world. Our team of professionals includes experienced engineers and designers who are fully dedicated to delivering a final product that meets the expectations of our clients and then some. 

Perfect functionality, beautiful user experiences–these are the things we strive for when working with any client, and we never settle for anything less. 

If you or your nonprofit organization is looking to hire a custom software developer for your company’s needs, please feel free to check out our reviews from our many satisfied customers and click the button below to contact us.

Vinod Subbaiah